I. \\-ənt\ noun (-s)
Etymology: Medieval Latin remonstrant-, remonstrans, from present participle of remonstrare to remonstrate
1. : one who remonstrates; specifically usually capitalized : one of 46 ministers of Arminian views who in 1610 addressed a remonstrance to the States General of Holland and West Friesland containing five articles which set forth their differences from the strict Calvinists and which were condemned by the Synod of Dort in 1619 when the remonstrating ministers were removed from their ministry — compare arminianism
2. usually capitalized : a member of a small Arminian sect in Holland deriving from the Remonstrants of 1610
II. adjective
Etymology: in sense 1, from remonstrant (I); in sense 2, from Medieval Latin remonstrant-, remonstrans, present participle of remonstrare
1. usually capitalized : of or relating to the Remonstrants
2. : vigorously objecting or opposing : making a protest : remonstrating

a quality urgent, piercingly remonstrant in those quacks — Owen Wister

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